The Selumari must now go all out to take control of and, more importantly, keep hold of the tower.

To assist with this, a Dragonfoal is promoted to a Dragonmount.

They try to manoeuvre, first encountering the knoll.

A landslide means that, if they do not reach their goal, their missile results will be cut.

The ensuing tussle sees 18 results for the Selumari overpowering 12 from the Empyrea. A major breakthrough!

The knoll is left behind and the home army take possession of the tower.

They now have to choose between attacking the horde army to try to fend off being outmanoeuvred next turn, or to try to take out the magicians that have been causing all of the headaches.

They aim their weapons at the Empyrean home terrain from the top of the tower.

This could be the end for the largely unprotected Empyrea. 19 missile results against …….

9 saves and a Cantrip.

Even the Hailstorm generated by the Cantrip is unsuccessful. The Selumari bowman lives to fight on.

The Empyrean army must take 10 points of damage.

Which translates into 4 damage and a return to summoning pool for the dragonkin.

The Bowman, still suffering from the Mirage, wanders off to the frontier and finds it deserted.

The ‘surplus’ units – those which are not cavalry nor archers – move to reserves on their way to join the lonely Bowman.

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