Before getting a chance to recruit another Dragonkin unit to assist, the two Dragons pounce on the Selumari home fighters.

6 melee hits from a claw and a belly means that the defenders have more than a good chance of survival.

The Rend from the Gryphon means that it gets a second attack.

This time it does not add any damage, but assists with the save.

The 8 melee hits from the Rend, plus the ID of the second Gryphon is more than enough to dispatch the Drake that showed its soft belly, but not enough to do anything about the Wyrm. The 10 save results, however, keep them out of harm’s way for now.

The Eldarim Dragonkin Handlers ability recruits a first at the home base.

This unit will add an automatic save result against the dragon, assuming that it does not also show its belly!

The Selumari have managed to get rid of one threat in the form of a Drake, but they have 6 single health units in the DUA, including archers. The home army needs reinforcement.

The introduction of the minor terrain by the Empyrea against the horde army is also making things more difficult to hold power at this location.

Magic from the reserve army is required to do a bit of repair work.

A total of 6 magic results from reserves means one of three things, Resurrection of 2 units, Wind Walk on the horde army or 3 Watery Doubles on the horde army.

Given the reliance of the battle plan on having missile superiority, plus the fact that the horde army have served their immediate purpose of keeping the Empyrean home army away from the 8th face of the terrain, and will soon be disbanded, the choice is obvious.

The two archers are resurrected and join the reserves.

With no resistance from any opposition, the Selumari home army march forward and the terrain moves to its 4th face.

Once again, the lack of missile units, combined with the Ashbringers in the opposing army, which have Cantrip ability, make an attack on the frontier pointless and unsafe.

The home army does not take any offensive action, needing support from reserves to tackle the remaining dragon.

Not a second too early, the reinforcements arrive ready to fight dragons!

The horde army is disbanded, and the dragonkin units return to the summoning pool, the coastland bridge is buried.

It looks like the Selumari are looking to make use of their superior fire power from here onwards.

Round 4 can be found here:

Coral Elves v Firewalkers – Part 4