Round 4


The Open Grave spell expires and the Dragon attacks.

The Wyrm is no match for this Undead army, as it produces only 6 damage from its claw, which is easily parried by 11 saves. Furthermore, the 10 melee results are exactly what is needed to get rid of the Dragon.

As a promotion, the Spectre is replaced by a Death Knight. They try for magic generation.

Undead 1st March

The IDs are doubled from 6 to 12 as the 8th face ability, the other 4 results add another 2 results, thanks to the Bone Magic ability, as the undead have 4 units in the DUA. Total magic results are 18.

Four Finger of Death spells remove 2 Thaumaturgists from the Vagha horde, and a Palsy softens up the remainder. They have no 2nd March available, and stand their ground for the end of the round.


The Elves take advantage of the temporarily weakened Vagha army.

Selumari 1st March

They introduce a Coastland bridge to add the Water element to the terrain.

They fire at the weakened Dwarves.

The Rend SAI does not apply for missile attack, but the other 3 SAIs can all be used. The Crush from the trebuchet first.

As the army is at a Highland terrain, the Mountain Mastery of the Vagha means that melee results count as Manoeuvre, so both Thaumaturgists escape the boulder.

The Gryphon ferries the Eagle Knight and a Guard to the Feral home terrain.

The Impale from the Heartseeker takes out another Thaumaturgist.

The 7 missile results from the Selumari are, however, easily stopped by the remaining 8 IDs and 3 automatic saves from the Dragonkin (minus 1 for the Palsy), giving a total of 10 saves.

Selumari 2nd March

The new arrivals at the Feral home try to usurp the former residents by trying to manoeuvre to the 8th face.

They win by 8 results to 2 and take control of the 8th face. They try for magic.

This time their luck runs out as they produce zero magic results. Both armies remain at their terrains.


The race to the second terrain begins.

Vagha 1st March

The reserve army try to generate magic.

They generate a full 8 results.

Enough to bring back a Thaumaturgist from the DUA.

The remaining points cast Stone Skin on the home army.

Vagha 2nd March

The home army manoeuvre by rolling the minor terrain.

The get double manoeuvre assistance for ID rolls, but march to the 4th face unimpeded. All living Thaumaturgists move from the reserves to protect the Highland Standing Stones.

The Feral now have to think carefully about their choice of tactics, as this could be their most important decision of the battle.