This is my first attempt at staging an ‘advanced’ battle in that I have included, and will be trying to use, all of the following:-

  • Mixed race armies
  • Minor terrains
  • Advanced terrains
  • Hybrid dragons
  • Dragonkin
  • A dragonkin champion
  • A dragonlord
  • Eldarim

Although I have used some of these dice before, some are new to me, so I am going to be taking it slowly and reading and re-reading many of the rules.

I therefore ask that if any reader notices mistakes, please let me know. This is going to be a complex game, and I am expecting to overlook many things in my inexperience.

In order to accommodate all this, I have used 48 health armies, which means that each side will have to bring 2 dragons and 16 health of dragonkin to the table.


In order to give me half a chance of producing and interesting battle, I will be using two of my favourite armies plus 12 health of Eldarim added to each. The armies that I will showcase will be my Coral Elf #1 army reinforced with Eldarim shield bearers and a Dragonlord, and my Firewalker #1 army fortified with even more magic Eldarim ‘mercenary’ units. I have also added a dragonkin champion to the firewalker entourage to try to create a balance.


In this report I have used the term ‘Selumari’ to refer to the army containing the Coral Elf units, although this is not actually correct, as Selumari is the Lore name of the Coral Elf race. This has been done to allow me easily to distinguish between a reference to an army and a type of unit.

In a similar fashion, I have referred to the army containing the Firewalkers as the Empyrea, once again the Lore name for firwalkers. Emypyrea will refer to an army, Firewalkers refer to units.

Even a collection of Eldarim or Dragonkin with no Firewalkers or Coral Elves present will be considered part of the Empyrean and Selumari armies respectively.

The Selumari (Coral Elf) army will be trying to capture their home tower and using magic support to help them to do this by boosting their cavalry with Wind Walk spells and bogging down the opposition with Flash Floods and Deluges.

The Empyrea (Firewalkers) will be trying to keep the terrains magic-friendly and upsetting their opponents by sending as many dragons their way as possible.

The Coral Elf and Eldarim Army (Selumari)

The Firewalker and Eldarim Army (Empyrea)