The battlefield appears to be lacking something. Must be Selumari ?

Both dragons whip the Selumari with tails.

First the good news. The Wyrm shows its belly. Now the bad news, the Drake bites hard! Total of 18 melee hits on the archers.

They only need to generate 5 melee or missile hits to get rid of the Wyrm, but they need to generate 18 or more saves, and all that during an Ash Storm!!

A valiant 12 saves are produced from Fly and the attack is pitiful. The 1 point from the Ash Storm reduces the melee hits from 1 to 0, or the missile hits from 2 to 1. Either way, 6 health of units here are toast!

The Dragonkin goes back for a second summoning. The Eldarim and the Bowman await a second coming.

The coastland becomes like Clacton on Sea during the off season. Hardly anyone to be seen.

Thanks to the Dragonlord still being allowed to enter the Eldarim Arms, the Dragonkin Handlers ability still applies, and the, now unfrazzled, Dragonmount returns to be fried again.

The (extremely large) reserve army go for magic production and produce 12 results. The obvious choice is made.

They are all used to resurrect absent heroes.

Although leaving magicians alone in reserves leaves them open to Lightning Strikes, the Selumari do not really have much choice other than to split the army and use all non-magic units to get rid of the two dragons at their home terrain.

The remaining units in the Home army march forward as the terrain goes up to its 5th face.

The very heavy reinforcements arrive at last.

Leaving the magic units to try to bring back a few more ‘auld acquaintances’ that should never be forgot.

Round 5 can now be found here:-

Coral Elves v Firewalkers – Part 5