This is Part 7 of the battle report. It is recommended that you read from the beginning. Part 1 can be found here:-

Frostwings v The Blues – Part 1


All spells on the Frontier terrain now expire – it is now a safe place to visit.

The Water/Air Hybrid Wyrm attacks the Areosa Horde at the coastland.

The Dragon only produces a claw hit, doing 6 damage. The Frostwings reply with 6 saves and 12 missile hits, resulting in no damage to themselves and a dispatch of the Wyrm back to its summoning area.

Areosa 1st March

The power of Magic Negation appears to be of no value at the moment, so the Frostwings go for a new ‘safety in numbers’ policy. The reserves try to resurrect.

They produce the 9 results they need……..

…. to completely empty their DUA.

Areosa 2nd March

The march to the Tower now begins, as the terrain moves into melee territory.

The statistics show that the reserves are in with a chance of taking a quick attempt to grab their own home terrain from the Blues.

They make the most of the opportunity by deploying all the reserve army at the home terrain.