This is part 4 of this tutorial battle report. It is recommended that you read the first three parts before this. If you have not read these, they can be found by clicking these links:-

Firewalkers v Coral Elves – Part 1

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Please note that, as always, I have split the battle into pages, with 1 round being shown per page. Please make use of the buttons at the end of each page to navigate to the next page.

This Part covers rounds 8 and 9 of the battle.

Round 8

At the start of the round the Watery Double expires for the Coral elves. The reserve army try some magic to resurrect their army but the Gryphon has other ideas.

However, they decide to remain in reserves.

The usefulness of the knoll comes under question as is shows as useful for melee only. This leaves a difficult decision to be made.

Having seen the size of the army facing them at the frontier, the idea of moving it into missile range is no longer quite as tempting and the elves decide to make a rather hopeful push forward.

The Firewalkers close in as the terrain moves to its third face. They generate a rather poor 13 magic results.

Firstly An Ash Storm.

A mirage spell on the Elf army.

A mirage on their friends! This is a move suggested by Jeff Denmon and is introduced in his article on this blog.

Three of the four elf units are confused and wander back to the reserves, one finds his way home.

All three Firewalkers go to their reserve.

As a reserve army, the produce another 5 magic results.

Which They use to generate a Flash Fire.

During reinforcement, a single brave Starburst goes to take on the Elves at the coastland while the others go back to the frontier.

The retreat using Air Flight sees the non-magical units of the firewalker army going to help out the Starburst hero.