The Vagha are concentrated at two Highland terrains and therefore have use of Mountain Mastery skill at both, which will help them to control the battle proximity.

Vagha 1st March

The home army try to manoeuvre and the Feral try to counter.

With Mountain Mastery counting as Manoeuvres, the Vagha produce 11 results, beating the Feral reply of 5 ‘regular’ manoeuvre results. The terrain moves down to face 3, and magic is the action available.

The Dragon Staff summons a Death and Fire Dragon to the Selumari home terrain.

It rolls again.

They produce a total of 15 magic results. This should slow down the Selumari and Undead for a while.

At this terrain we now have 3 dragons. A Fire/Death Drake, a Fire/Death Wyrm and a Fire/Ivory Drake.

Vagha 2nd March

Meanwhile, over at the other Highland terrain, the Vagha are on the march.

They try to manoeuvre and the small Feral contingent try to resist.

Once again, their Mountain Mastery skill assists in a big way, giving them 14 manoeuvres against 9 from the Feral. The terrain goes to its 7th face. As the Buffalo-Folk have the Counter ability, and there are 2 of them, attacking them with melee for no good reason will not be a good idea. The Vagha, therefore, do not attack.

The solitary Footman drops back to the reserve, leaving the Feral home army alone at their terrain.


The Feral army is the only one that is still fully intact, but have their units all at the wrong terrains to be able to make use of their abilities.

Feral 1st March

The missile army at the Vagha home terrain tries to manoeuvre.

As expected, it fails, but manages a 4-7 result. The only option is to try for a bit of magic.

Not a good result, they totally avoid getting any magic at all, but improve their manoeuvre. They need reinforcements.

Feral 2nd March

The home army make the most of the chaos going on in other areas of the battlefield to close in on their Flatland city. The terrain moves to face 5.

Having no opponents at the terrain, with the only action available being melee. They are resigned to having an early night.

Both horde armies pull back to reserves with an eye on the currently unoccupied Frontier terrain.

Round 2


The Undead army at the Coastland are the first to take on the three dragons summoned by the Vagha.

The Ivory Hybrid dragon will always attack the army and, as the other two fire/death dragons have the element of fire in common with the ivory hybrid, they will also attack the marching army. Full details can be found in the wiki.

The Red/Ivory gives us Jaws – 12 damage, The Red/Black Drake adds 5 from its wings, and the Red/Black Wyrm hits with its tail to give 3 more damage. The total so far is 20 and the wyrm gets to attack again.

The wyrm drops a treasure, so it is not all bad. The Undead army get the chance to promote a unit.

The Ghost replaces the Spectre. They roll their response to the 20 point attack.

They generate 8 saves and no hits, meaning that the 12 health of units take exactly 12 hits. All take Stepped Damage, however.

The Undead army is reduced to only 6 health. The Drake now flies off, leaving 2 dragons to do battle with Elves very shortly.

The Undead Second round First March will follow after our commercial break.