This is Part 3 of a Dragon Dice demonstration battle. The start of the battle can be found following this link.

The Frost Report – Part 1

Round 2

The Blues

At the start of the second round of battle, we have the Blues split into two factions on favourable territory, and the Areosa, with the sole exception of a single Destroyer, all huddled together in reserves, ready to move to any of the 3 terrains during their next move.

The statistics for the main 3 armies look like this:-

The worry from the Blues point of view is that the Areosa have a missile army capable of demolishing their home army in a single march, having an expected save of only 5 results against an expected missile attack of 19. The Areosa are also a lot quicker, so a race to the 8th face would also be problematic for them.

In addition, the occupation of the Frontier by the Areosa would mean that the Blues could be under missile attack at both of the terrains that they occupy.

The logical course of action would be to strengthen the horde with more Dragonkin and to pull back the home army out of Areosan missile range.

At the start of the turn an Air Dragonscout is recruited by the Eldarim in the Horde army.

Blues 1st March

The minor terrain giving magic use needs to be kept as it stands, so that the magic units are able to summon up more troops.

The Blues horde roll for magic results.

They produce 8 fire/air/firewalker results and 2 water results.

A rather poor magic result means that a different tactic needs to be implemented. The home terrain is going to be deserted for a while, so a small deterrent is introduced in the form of a water/air wyrm, summoned by 7 points of air magic.

The 2 points of green are pretty much useless, so they produce a Watery Double, for the sake of using them.

Blues 2nd March

The Blues are not strong enough to hold on to two separate coastlands, so they must concentrate on getting one of them to its 8th face before the Areosa can get the other to its 8th face.

Home army manoeuvres.

The terrain is easily moved down to its 4th face.

The Blues home army then pull back to the reserves.


There are no buried units this time that can be moved to the DUA.

The solitary Destroyer is no match for the Wyrm and adds to the Areosa DUA.

Areosa 1st March

Having no other option available, the entire reserve army attempt magic, expecting to achieve about 8 results.

They produce as expected, 8 magic results. They can only be used here to resurrect, so a friend is returned to the fold.

The Magus returns.

Areosa 2nd March

There is only 1 Areosa army, so there can only be one march this round.

The question now is “What do the Areosa deploy, and where to“? Comments please!!

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