Areosa Missile & Cavalry
Current Blues Horde

Given the current weakness of the Blues in both missile and melee, despite having plenty of saves, the Areosa are just as safe at their home terrain as they are in reserves, as the only damage that they are likely to take comes from magic. The way forward would seem to be to split into 2 factions. One army containing all missile and cavalry units at the home terrain, the other army with just magic units at the, currently unoccupied, frontier.

The Areosa Home Army at end of Round 2
The Areaosa Campaign Army at the end of Round 2

Round 3


At the start of the round, the Watery Double expires. Also, as there are 6 health of Eldarim present and on 5 health of Dragonkin, the Eldarim are able to use their Dragonkin Handlers ability to recruit another Dragonscout, taking the total to 6 health of Dragonkin.

Blues Horde Army
Areosa Missile & Cavalry

The Blues need to keep the terrain at face 6 until the Coral Elves arrive, when the missile advantage kicks in. In order to do this, they will need to generate some protective magic to stop the Areosa from firing at them.

Blues 1st March

The Reserve army try to generate some magic for a Wind Walk spell.

They manage somehow to produce 8 magic results. A lot better than expected.

A Wind Walk should be enough to stop the Areosa home army from taking the terrain back to missile range but, in case they do, or they use a knoll, the 2 Watery Doubles will assist.

Blues 2nd March

The Firewalkers and allies try to generate some magic. With some of the defensive work already done by the Coral Elves, they might be able to use something to attack.

A healthy 8 magic results are generated.

They send a Lightning Strike at the Magi, but he defends well. That might prove to be a costly bit of bad fortune for the Blues.

An Ash Storm may limit the magical support a touch.

The Blues reinforce from the reserves.

Not taking into account, the Coastal Dodge ability of the Coral Elves, nor the Watery Doubles, nor the Wind Walk, the Blues look a bit useful.

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