This is Part 5 of a Dragon Dice battle. It is recommended that the earlier parts be read first starting at Part 1.

Round 9


The Frostwings now need to gain control of the frontier before the Treefolk army can eliminate the home army.

Frostwings 1st March

The campaign army try to manoeuvre.

They win easily, thanks to the ongoing flood on the Opposing side, by 4 to 1.

They attack with melee.

They fail to generate any results.

The Treefolk counter attack.

They also fail to generate melee results.

Frostwings 2nd March

The nuisance Treefolk campaign army needs to be removed so that the Frostwings can take the frontier.

The home army try missile fire at the frontier.

The Devastator gets a long awaited Bullseye.

However, all attacked units manage saves, so no damage taken. The Devastator tries again.

This time he saves and no more missile results are added. The Treefolk army have to save against 9.

Even with the Stone Skin, they make only 4 saves and take 5 damage. The willow rolls for replanting.

Success! Instead of the DUA, the destination is the reserves.

The Magus pulls back to the reserves.