Having taken a bit of a beating from the Undead, the Selumari need to bring on the help of Minor Terrains to strengthen their position.

Selumari 1st March

At the Feral home terrain, the Cavalry introduce a Coastland Knoll.

They introduce the Water element, giving them the Coastal Dodge ability, and can also count IDs double on save rolls. They attack the Feral home army with missiles.

The Gryphon Ferries two Knights to the home terrain to help in the fight against the Undead. This means that the Selumari are left with no missile results and, therefore, the Feral do not have to make a save roll.

Selumari 2nd March

The Selumari home army introduce a flatland bridge.

The Die roll gives an ID, so they get to choose the type of action that they can use. They select missile and take aim at the Undead army on their doorstep.

This time the Ferry is not of any use, and they generate 9 missile results. The Undead defend.

The Undead only manage to generate 4 save results and therefore have to take 5 damage.

There Stepped Damage ability at least means that the Ghost can be replaced by a Spectre, so 2 health replaces 5 in this instance.

The DUA of the Undead is remarkably full already.

All Selumari, except those at home, move back to reserves as the knoll minor terrain is buried.

Now is the turn of the Vagha.