The first half of this battle can be found here:-

Tangerine Dreams v Frantic Felines

Round 7

Tangerine Dreams

Tangerines: First March at frontier, cast spells.

13 magic

Tangerines: At feral home: transmute rock to mud, higher ground, stoneskin my army there. That should total 13.

Tangerines: Manoeuvre feral home.

Felines: Oppose. I sense a couple of Chronicles Puzzlers rolls coming up.

19 to Tangerines – 16 minus 6 for transmute is 10. Plus 2 wind walks is 18. Successful manoeuvre!!

Unless I miscounted!

Felines: GRRRR!!!

Tangerines: Nice, I’ll claim the 8th face.

Felines: Count looks correct.

Not down to 6?

Tangerines: Count looks correct to me as well. Up to 8 and attack melee.

6 melee.

Tangerines: I get double digit melee for manoeuvres but apparently they forget their axes when it comes time to actually fight.

14 saves, including a counter. Tangerines take 3 damage, using the stone skin to save 1 point.

Felines: woohoo!

Tangerines: Another pony and lizard bite the dust.

Felines: Counterattack. STAMPEDE!!!

Tangerines: Which is why I reduced both melee and manoeuvres.

Felines: Smart! I thought manoeuvres was just so you could take the 8th.

Tangerines: I was hoping for a bit better showing in my attack, but transmute was for the 8th and stampede protection.

Felines: Really smart idea. It’s wonderful too when your spell versatility allows this! Double dipping is great :slightly_smiling_face:

Still no social distancing.

Tangerines: They’re already dead, no need to distance.

16 melee minus 5 for Higher Ground is 11. I have assumed that the 4 counters double to 8. 11 manoeuvres minus 6 from transmute is 5. 11 plus 5 for the stampede is 16 melee.

Felines: I see a lot of talk in the middle and 16 melee is 16 melee on the outside.

Tangerines: Owwww

Felines: I think I see the math adding up right.

4 saves plus stone skin gives 5 saves, leaving 11 damage.

Felines: w00t!

Tangerines: Yes, that’s correct, assuming you can double the sai.

Felines: Yes, double SAI :slightly_smiling_face:

Tangerines: All but the sergeant bit it.

In this case, the SAI is a normal 4 melee, so this appears to be correct.

Tangerines: 19/36 in dua. 🙁 No retreats.

Felines: I’ll need to see a new board.

Give me 2 minutes to recover. I’m trying to put my socks back on!!

Frantic Felines

Wilding and Wind Walks expire.

Felines: Recruit – archer to Home. Magic to Horde. That’s Feralize, Then I’ll manoeuvre my home.

Wait a sec. I picked up the 2 in the DUA for the Feral attack. I have to discount their results.

Felines: Oops! I hate when that happens.

It was because I ran out of room with all the spell cards. It was an ID and a manoeuvre, so Tangerines should have taken 9 damage, not 11.

Felines: I agree, it’s Tangerines’ fault for casting too many spells.

Tangerines: In that case, the sergeant goes to the DUA, a mammoth and pony come back.

This should now be correct. Sorry!

Now we are back on course.

Felines: My turn as before. Recruit – archer to Home. Magic to Horde. That’s Feralize. Then I’ll manoeuvre my home.

Tangerines: I’ll attempt to oppose.

12 minus 6 from Transmute is 6. 8 from the tangerines. The dwarves hold firm.

Felines: Well done. ATTACK!

9 minus 5 leaves 4 melee.

Felines: Phooey, that first roll was a much better attack roll.

2 saves, including stone skin. 2 damage.

Felines: ah dang!

Tangerines: The pony dies.

Felines: Saved the mammoth rider. Magic from reserves.

3 magic

Felines: Wilding my horde. Send reserves to Horde. Done.