In my ongoing quest to find an opponent who is :-

  • Not me
  • Not a five and a half hours’ drive away
  • Not a friend or relative who is playing under duress and, even then for the first, and quite possibly last, time.

I have now, thanks to Nathan Miller, my fellow contributor to this blog, managed to work out a way that we can actually play a real game, even thousands of miles apart and in different time zones.

On Saturday (20th April), we set up the battlefield in my house and sent messages back and forth containing the photos of die rolls, the board, our instructions, insults and many other things.

We played a friendly game of 24 health ‘vanilla’ Coral Elves v Firewalkers, with no Dragonkin, Minor terrains, Items or anything else that would complicate things.

This post is a transcript of what happened, with irrelevancies (such as I’m off to cook my dinner, back in half an hour) removed.

In my opinion, it was very successful and provided me with an opportunity at last to play against a real person, and I think that it might be a method of getting some of our players together and even use it for competitions.

I have a few thoughts on the positives and negatives, but I will just leave this post as it stands and wait for feedback.

Throughout this game the two participants are colour coded as below




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