The Goblins took a lot of hits from the Coral Elf artillery and need to do something to spread them thin before they reach the tower.

Their best hope is to knock out the magical support from the Firewalkers.

Trogs 1st March

With the deadland minor terrain allowing for melee combat, the Trogs pin their hope on the Cannibal and the Shambler producing something useful.

A net is cast on two magic units.

They both somehow manage to ‘slip the net’ this time, as they generate manoeuvre results.

The Cantrip of the Death Mage generates two Palsy spells.

The firewalkers have now to save against 5 melee hits.

The Fireshadow produces a well-timed counter.

The Trogs take 4 damage, as there are no defensive spells on them.

That concludes the participation of the magic section of the force.

Even with 2 results diminishing the save result, owing to the Palsy, The firewalkers still generate 6 saves, which is enough to ensure that they are unharmed.

The Foul Stench created by the rotting corpses of the Goblins, however, badly affects 6 of the firewalkers, and they are unable to counter attack.

The two units that are capable of fighting produce 4 hits, less 2 from the Palsy spell.

For what it is worth, the Cannibal produces 4 saves and the Trogs decide that now is the time to retire from battle and live to fight another day.

The Trogs only have 4 units left standing and there is very little value in continuing this tutorial battle just for the sake of reaching the obvious conclusion.

The combined forces of the Coral Elves and Firewalkers this time were too much for a bunch of rookie Trogs.

Perhaps next time they won’t be as lucky…..