The Blues have completely devastated one of the Trogs’ armies only to see it reconstructed and augmented as a results of two marches, one from the reserves.

It is quite obvious that simply using firepower is not going to be enough to beat the Goblins without it being targeted on the most important units.

The Troll, who has a 20% chance of using its ability to regenerate 4 health of units every time it takes an action other than manoeuvre, needs to be the main focus of attack if this is to be avoided.

Round 3


At the start of the round, the Wind Walk spells on the home army expire.

The Dragonkin Handlers ability of the Eldarim allows for another recruit to be made to one of the army factions.

A Dragonscout joins the firewalker faction at the frontier.

Blues 1st March

Instead of manoeuvring, they make use of a wood coastland terrain.

From here they can also use missile actions if required.

Currently, magic generation is more important.

Thanks to the reappearance of the Fireminions, they produce 9 results in total.

A Flashfire is cast on the home army.

They take out the Troll using a Lightning Strike.

Blues 2nd March

The home army also make use of a minor terrain. This time a Feyland knoll, which will introduce the fire element and allow them to promote the Dragonkin to Champion level.

They are also able to cast magic from here.

Instead, they use their missile fire at the horde army.

The Flashfire spell allows the archer a second attempt.

…. which he wastes again!

The ever popular (now celebrity) Sharpshooter hits again, removing one of the Leopard Riders.

He shoots again.

This time he is successful, but not a successful as before.

10 missile results and another Impale have to be defended by the Trog army.

Again, there are no ID results, so the Impale does no damage. They have only managed a single save, however, which means that they must take 9 damage.

Not very much Trog-like is left here,

The party appears to be happening in the Trogs’ DUA.

The Bowman is not of much use here, so he withdraws to the reserve.

On the road to the coast he meets a Knight going in the opposite direction.

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