Whilst looking at the latest Dragon Dice Players’ Community postings on Facebook today, I saw that something had at last been produced that would make my life a lot easier. I refer to Tim G. Thomas’ Web Reference Guide.

Although I will be doing a full review of this wonderful little program in the near future, I thought that it was such an important event that I had to draw everyone’s attention to it immediately.

What is it?

The program is a reference guide for the 12 races of Esfah, Dragons and Dragonkin, giving a complete list of Racial Abilities, Icons, SAIs and Spells for all races, along with full descriptions of each die, showing all faces.

Amazons Page

The program also gives useful statistical information on each die, showing the favourable result chance of each normal action, along with Expected results and standard deviations.

Although I do not 100% agree with these statistics values in every case, they are certainly accurate enough to be valuable to the player. They do not, unfortunately take into account re-rolls from bullseyes, double strikes etc., but they generally match my own calculations.

The great thing for me, is that you can make up armies easily and get good information about the expected amount of hits and saves that a roll will generate without having to use my onerous spread sheet method (which takes me a lifetime each time a unit is killed, or a unit is added).

I am very dubious, however, about the accuracy of the ‘Favourable Result Chance’ calculator. I put in one of my Frostwing armies with the results as seen above. I would argue that, despite being very missile heavy, the chance of them getting a missile result is not quite 100%.

The Spells Menu Screen

Pretty, isn’t it?

Yes, it is exceptionally well presented, easy to use and very logically laid out. It is a must have for any player, I would suggest.

As stated previously, I will do a review ‘proper’ once I get a chance to use it in real life.

I hope that you all show Tim your support in this wonderful endeavour by trying it out and giving him your constructive feedback. The program is here:-

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