Well, it looks like we all made it reasonably safely into the 2020’s and almost everyone that I talk to is playing Dragon Dice!

Although this happens to be true, it does not mean that our game has suddenly taken the world by storm and sales of dice are up 2,000,000% since December. What is does mean, however, is that we now have a thriving community of players world-wide that are able to battle away to their heart’s content in front of an audience of their friends.

During January we have been piloting our scheme by way of two knock-out tournaments running consecutively. The gallery above are shots from some of these matches that have taken place so far.

In one tournament we have wins for Frostwings (against Coral Elves) and Undead (against Treefolk). About to take place is the battle between Amazons and Dwarves.

In the other tournament Lava Elves (against Undead), Treefolk (against Amazons) and Scalders (against Frostwings), with the blast first round match, Feral v Goblins, about to start very soon.

The sides are 36 health armies picked from a randomised 3 kickers of a single race. Each player has a free choice of terrains and dragons.

Once the tournaments have finished, we will move on to the league ‘proper’. At the time of writing, I am hoping that we will be able to run at least two leagues of six, with 15 matches being played in each, possibly on a regional basis, with one (or more) catering for the Americas, and others catering for Europe and the Far East.

All games are very friendly and well supported, and all competitors so far, even old timers, have learnt a lot from each other.

The leagues are due to start in February 2020, and I will shortly be posting the full rules in the Chronicles, and match reports as the season progresses.

That just leave me to wish all players and friends a wonderful and prosperous new year from myself, Jeff and Travis.