Although I have been making up puzzlers for illustration purposes for some time, it is a refreshing change to see such head scratchers appear in a real game of Dragon Dice.

Last night, in the second semi-final of our tournament, the winner was decided by such a situation. Both Treefolk and Goblins held an 8th face and were trying to outmanoeuvre each other on the last terrain on face 7.

The Treefolk were hampered by two palsy spells and the goblins by two Transmute Rock to Mud spells at a swampland.

The rolls were as can be seen in the photo below, but it took us all a little while to work out who had won.

See if you agree with our assessment of the manoeuvre score. Answer below photo.

Tournament semi-final

Goblins score 7 manoeuvres from IDs, but these are reduced to zero by the two Transmute spells, which minus 12, but can’t go negative.

The Rend SAI adds 3 to the total, and the 5 melee results add to manoeuvres thanks to the swampland terrain and the swamp mastery racial ability of the goblins, leaving a total of 8 manoeuvres.

The Treefolk score an easy 9 and, once I had realised that Palsy does not affect manoeuvre results, this remains at 9.

The Treefolk therefore win (just) by 9 results to 8. A very close call which wins them a place in the tournament final.