This article is part 4 of an Intermediate level Dragon Dice battle for new players. It is recommended that, if you have not already done so, you read parts 1, 2 & 3 first.

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Round 8

The Frostwings decide that it is time to put up a fight and aim their fire at the Frostwings at the frontier.

A bullseye from the Devastator targets two watchers.

One saves and the other is killed.

The Devastator fires again and is devastating!

The Frostwings produce a massive 17 missile results from the tower.

The firewalkers only defend with 5 saves, taking a hit of 12 damage.

The whole army is devastated and the frontier is devoid of inhabitants.

Even the reserves manage 5 magic results and continue to recruit.

An Advocate springs back to life.

They now are back on track with the battle plan and head off for the firewalkers’ home to cut down their magic attack.

The descend on the temple.

This time the firewalker mages perform, generating 20 magic results, with ID results counting double as the control the terrain.

The Magic Negation ability of the Frostwings reduces the magic hit from the firewalkers down to 18.

They let the fun begin with 2 Mirages and a Summon Dragon.

All units hit by the Mirages are forced back into the reserves.

All firewalkers stay in situ hoping to repeat the performance next time around.