The Fiery Weapon spell dissipates.

The Selumari now have a depleted force at their home terrain with no target, other than a heavily protected Empyrean campaign army full of magic units.

They do, however, have their own magicians at this terrain and are able to use magic. They also have a Gryphon here which has a 20% chance of being able to Ferry 4 health of units to another terrain.

The horde army are facing a large Empyrean infantry unit that will be looking to get into melee distance as soon as possible.

Their best move would be to use magic from the frontier and then try to manoeuvre the horde army.

The Dragonkin Handlers ability of the Eldarim means that an Air Dragonscout can be recruited to help with this manoeuvre attempt.

The Gryphon produces a Ferry SAI and can therefore take the Dragonlord with him to assist the horde army with their manoeuvres.

Both units are added to the horde army and will assist with the manoeuvre roll.

The Cantrip result produces 4 blue or green magic results. This is used to generate a Wind Walk which will further assist the horde army by adding 4 manoeuvre results.

The horde try to manoeuvre.

13 results are generated, augmented by 4 from the Wind Walk for a total of 17.

Meanwhile the 3 manoeuvre results of the Empyrea does little to stop them from moving the terrain down to its 2nd face.

The missile attack, which was a token one at best, generates only 3 missile results, all from IDs.

The Empyrean save is inevitable and effortless in equal proportions. 5 from IDs, 2 Shields, 3 Fly SAIs, 1 automatic save from the dragonkin (as it did not roll a belly) gives a total of 11 save results. No damage is done to them in their home soil.

The 3 Eldarim that were forced back to reserves by the Mirage now return to the coastland tower to assist the Coral Elves with missile fire.

Round 2 of this battle can now be found here:-

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