At the start of the turn, the Ash Storm and the Wind Walk spells on the Empyrea all expire.

The Eldarim in the horde army recruit a fire Dragonfoal.

The Empyrean home army, once again, forego their manoeuvre to remain in a magic casting position.

The army produce 11 air magic, or 7 fire magic.

They cast a Mirage and a Lightning Strike.

The Lightning Strike takes out the Sharpshooter, who tries to save with a badly timed bullseye. The Mirage is not as successful, only sending 2 out of the targeted 4 units to reserves.

On the second Empyrean March, the horde army go for hand to hand combat.

This could be the end of the Selumari resistance, as 18 melee results are produced.

The Wind Walks do not add to the Coastal Dodge of the Coral Elves, so the army only produces saves that are rolled. 3 from the Coral Elf, 1 from the dragonkin and 4 dragonkin autosaves, giving a total of 8 save results. They therefore have to take 10 damage.

Only a solitary archer is left.

The Empyrean magicians use their Air Flight ability to move to the tower. The infantry units from the tower replace them at the home terrain.

Home is now ready to close in, as magic is no longer the top priority here.

The magic will now be cast from here.

The Wind Walk spells on the Selumari now expire.

The two dragons attack again at the frontier.

It looks like curtains for the remaining Selumari as the dragons hit with a combined 18 melee results.

A Cantrip reduces the damage as they cast two Watery Doubles. These add to the 4 Fly and 2 regular saves to give a total of 8.

They are left to take a total of 8 hits.

The magicians, for some strange reason, we’re all left unharmed. They will be able to try using magic from here.

They fail and decide that there is only one option open to them……

…. the white flag!!

The battle ends and the Firewalkers are the victors, as the Selumari would have gradually been whittled down having to try to resurrect from the reserves.