Having managed to reconstruct the battlefield as it was left at the weekend, the troops are now ready to continue.

Round 5


Undead 1st March

The Undead campaign army do not have time to waste on fixing the annoying little problem of frontier ownership and decide to cast magic.

They generate 2 results and their Bone Magic ability applies to the both non-ID results.

Thanks to the two units in the DUA, another 2 are added, meaning a total of 4 magic.

The Finger of Death removes the Warmonger and the terrain turns down to face 7 again.

Undead 2nd March

The other undead army at the Scalders’ home try to manoeuvre. The Scalders attempt to resist.

The speedy spectres win again, this time by an astounding 8 results to a minor terrain assisted 2. The terrain moves to its 6th face and there is no stopping this undead army now. They attack with flying scythes.

… But achieve only 3 hits. The Scalders defend themselves. They have Scorching Touch, as the terrain contains the fire element.

Not a single save is produced, so the Undead take no damage and the Scalders take all 3 damage.

Three singemen are badly singed.

It is looking like the Undead are in a good position to win the whole battle.


Scalders 1st March

Something has to be done about the Undead, and the Scalder home army are not in a position to do anything unless they can get access to magic.

They forego their manoeuvre and a bridge minor terrain.

A costly failure. They have lost a turn on the race to the 8th face at the Undead home terrain and are still unable to take any action.

Scalders 2nd March

The two remaining units at the home base try to manoeuvre against the Undead horde.

The minor terrain gives double saves for ID rolls.

The Undead picked a poor time to fumble, the Scalders take it by 3 results to nil.

They withdraw, giving them time to reinforce.

Owing to the Mutate ability of the Swamp Stalkers, only the single health units make the reinforcement voyage.

Swamp Stalkers

Two Sparkers are targeted for mutation.

Neither saves and they Mutate into a Marsh Mage.

Swamp Stalkers 1st March

The landslide subsides at the Stalkers’ home terrain and they move forward.

They are now at the terrain’s 8th face.

Swamp Stalkers 2nd March

The reserve army try to generate a bit of magic.

They fail too.

They then move off to the frontier to stop the march of the undead.