The Selumari are, once again, lacking a lot of their former fire power. The reason for this is down to the persistent magic attack from the Ashbringers, assisted by a few Eldarim Sorcerers. They are showing no interest in moving away from a magic action distance.

In order to stand any chance of winning this battle, the Selumari must change their tactics. Firstly, they need to concentrate on resurrecting some of their missile and magic units.

In order to do this, they must abandon the idea of reaching the tower to be able to missile fire at all terrains, especially as it is seeming highly unlikely that they will have no missile units left by the time they get there.

Another dragonkin unit joins the Selumari.

A lot depends on the result of their manoeuvre.

A rare stroke of luck means that they can use magic from the home terrain.

Now they are able to go back to plan ‘A’, and march on forward. The terrain moves to face 7.

The try to generate magic.

They produce 11 results, but 4 of them are elemental and 7 are water/air magic.

The Sharpshooter returns.

Even the Hailstorm is enough to see off one of the Sunbursts.

Having failed to generate magic, the reserves go home.

The round ends with the Selumari in a much stronger position, largely due to the fortunate discovery of the knoll, allowing them magic use.

Round 9 can now be found here:-

Coral Elves v Firewalkers – Part 9