The Feral Force have so far avoided getting in on any action and, hence, avoided any trouble or loss of units.

Feral 1st March

The Feral home army continue to push forward unopposed. The Flatland moves to its 6th face.

Feral 2nd March

The reserve army attempt to generate magic.

The 4 that they get is more than enough to help out the home army with a Wilding spell.

The reserve army now deploy at the frontier where the Selumari are waiting, along with another old friend.

Round 3


The Open Grave spell expires and the two dragons attack.

It would appear that the dragons have given up, as they only produce 6 damage between the two of them, and the Wyrm bellies.

They parry with 10 saves and generate a useful 11 melee hits, enough to get rid of one of the dragons. The Wyrm is killed and Undead units are promoted.

The Death Knights are replaced by a Skeletal Steed and a Minor Death. They can now take control of the Coastland Tower.

Undead 1st March

The Undead force take the terrain to its 8th Face and try to generate magic.

All magic is generated from IDs, so no Bone Magic can be added. Even so, a very useful 14 results are generated. Self preservation comes before attack this time. One of the Dead Knights is brought back, using 9 points of magic.

To get over the problem of a potential Vagha magic attack, the cast an Open Grave with the remaining 5 magic points.

The army decide to remain in situ for the time being.


The Fire / Death Wyrm attacks.

A claw attacks gives the Elves 6 to defend.

The lack of the Water element in the Flatland terrain means that their Coastal Dodge ability can’t help them here. The 4 saves from the Gryphon stops some damage, but they still have to lose the Knight to the DUA.

Selumari 1st March

The reserve army try to generate magic.

The Eagle Knight generates enough to bring back a single Bowman.

Selumari 2nd March

The remaining units at the Frontier try a missile attack on the Vagha home army.

Another failure means that the Vagha do not even have to defend. The reserves now all move to the Frontier.

It looks like, in order to pin back the Vagha and the Undead from a barrage of magic attacks, an unlikely alliance needs to be formed between Feral and Selumari.


The Dwarf armies now need to ensure that they have the correct units at their stations to be able to gain their second terrain.

Vagha 1st March

The Horde army holding the Highland Standing Stones try to generate as much magic as possible.

A very useful 12 points allows the Vagha army to reinforce.

An Earth Dragonchamp should assist with the defence and the resurrection of the Footman gives the Vagha a full complement of units once more.

Vagha 2nd March

The home army make use of a swampland bridge.

They try to generate magic.

The 6 results generated will also be used to reinforce.

This time a Fire Dragonhero is summoned to assist.

The Skirmishers come from the reserve to replace the 3 Thaumaturgists.


The Wilding spell expires and the Wyrm sets its attentions on the Feral Campaign army.

Thanks to the Counter from the Buffalo-Folk, the Claw damage from the Wyrm of 6 points is parried and 13 melee results kill of the dragon too. With no units in the DUA, no promotions are possible.

Feral 1st March

The Campaign army celebrate seeing off the Dragon by aiming their missiles at those who summoned it. They target the Vagha horde.

They produce 7 missile hits, which is not nearly enough.

The Vagha manage only 5 saves but, thanks to having the foresight to summon Dragonkin, the automatic save brings the total to 8, which is enough to stop the army from taking damage.

Feral 2nd March

The home army now take the terrain to its 7th face.

At the end of the 3rd Round, the battlefield shows that any of the 4 forces can still win the battle.

The battle continues here.