At the start of the Selumari turn, the Wind Walk expires.

The Wyrm drops it’s treasure but, as there are only two single health units currently in the DUA, none of the units are able to take advantage of the promotional opportunity.

The opportunity to kill the dragon, however, is totally missed by the Selumari home army generating, as they do, a mere 6 missile hits as their best shot. The saves generated, however, had they been required, would have proven quite helpful. This might indicate that staying where they are could be relatively safe at this time.

From a Selumari point of view, reinforcement of the home army is paramount. Sadly for them, it will be a long time before troops can get back home, as they have to pass through the reserves first.

The horde army contains a Gryphon, however, and if it is used in a missile attack, there is a 20% chance that a Ferry will be produced, which will allow immediate movement of 8 health of units.

In order to introduce the water element at the wasteland, a coastland bridge minor terrain is introduced, this also gives a 25% chance of the ID results doubling up for manoeuvres.

After recruiting another Air Dragonscout at the horde army, the 25% chance works out well, and the Selumari horde get a movement bonus.

Meanwhile, they will set about a missile attack on the opposing campaign army, hoping that not too much instant magic, in the form of cantrips, is thrown back at them.

The gamble about the Gryphon producing a Ferry SAI also pays off.

What better than a Dragonlord to battle a Dragon?

Back to the missile attack, the horde army generate 7 results aimed at the, largely magical, Empyrean campaign army.

The shield bearers earn their pay by producing 11 saves, along with the Firewalkers. The Cantrip is used to generate another Ash Storm, this time on the frontier terrain to try to cut down any resurrection attempts.

The choice for the Selumari second match is between a missile attack against an army that just produced 11 saves and a Cantrip, or to try to resurrect the Evoker.

Normally, The Enchanter would have successfully done his stuff but, impeded by the Ash fall-out, only 2 results out of the required 3 are produced.

The campaign army withdraws to the reserves.

Round 3 can be found here:-

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