This is the first bite-sized episode of a 4 player Dragon Dice battle. It is designed to give worked examples of the rules and is therefore taken at a slow pace.

The introduction and set-up can be found here:-

Scottish Summer Skirmish


Undead 1st March

The home army introduce a deadland bridge in place of trying to manoeuvre against a very mobile Vagha horde.

They manage to double manoeuvre results for IDs.

They attack the Vagha army with melee.

They produce a frightening 13 melee results. The Vagha to save.

They roll two useful SAIs

The Counter means that, as the Undead have no spells currently in effect, they must take 4 damage with no save.

The following paragraph is erroneous, as the attack results cannot be affected by the saving roll, as the action is already completed. Apologies for this mistake. It will be corrected shortly.

The undead have to take 4 health of damage immediately but they only can take 3 without reducing their attack score, meaning that they must lose 1 or more of their melee hits.

Four single health units go to the DUA and the Undead melee result has been diminished by 1 down to 12. The Vagha have 4 saves from the Counter , another 4 from the Fly and 3 more from the IDs, giving a total of 11. They must therefore take only a single point of damage.

For now, let us assume that the Dwarf roll was 12 and not 11, this will compensate for the artificially reduced 13 to 12 reduction because of error in the italicised and struck out text above.

A footman goes to the (improvised) DUA.

The Vagha now get to counter attack at a terrain containing the fire element, giving them the Dwarven Might ability. Any save results that they roll are counted as melee results.

The Fly SAI is worth 4 save results which, with Dwarven Might, translates to 4 melee results.

In total, the Vagha generate 12 melee results. The undead try to save against this.

They only manage 7 saves, so they must take 5 damage.

The Stepped Damage racial ability of the undead means that they replace the two Heucuvas with two Apparitions.

All in all, that was not a very successful march for the Undead. They will know in future the dangers of attacking Dwarves on their home soil, especially Skirmishers.

Undead 2nd March

The Undead horde at the Selumari home terrain attempt to manoeuvre. The Elves Counter.

A successful 7-6 result this time, courtesy of two death speed slippers adding a much needed 3 results.

The terrain moves to its 7th face and, with no visible enemy units have Counter capability, the Undead attack with melee action.

The Minor Death tries to slay the Sharpshooter.

The Sharpshooter becomes the first Selumari casualty of the battle. The army now defends the six remaining melee hits, 4 from the Trample and 2 from the ID.

The racial ability of Coastal Dodge means that the single manoeuvre result that they generate counts as a save, reducing the damage to 5 hits.

The Selumari are already in a spot of trouble. They counter attack.

By some miracle, they manage 9 melee results. The Undead try to defend.

They manage to produce 7 and reduce the damage bill to 2 health.

The Stepped Damage means that a Spectre is replaced by a Ghoul.

Both the Home army and the Campaign army pull back to the reserves.

It is time for the Selumari to stir.