This is the second round of a Dragon Dice battle using the advanced rules. If you have not already read the first part, it is recommended that you do so first. This can be found here:-

Advanced Dragon Dice: Coral Elves v Firewalkers

At the start of this round, there are no expiring spells or effects.

The Empyrean army is split between its home terrain, which is mostly infantry at a wasteland on its 2nd face showing missile distance, against a large Selumari army of mainly Cavalry and Light Infantry units supported by shield bearing Eldarim and a few other oddities, which are serving to make up for the Coral Elves’ lack of saving ability at this type of terrain.

The other Empyrean army is at a coastland frontier on its first face with a supporting wasteland minor terrain adding in the fire element to allow them to be able to use their Flaming Shields racial ability. Most of the units are magical units and both major and minor terrains are showing magic actions.

The problem facing the Empyrea is, as always against Coral Elves with a coastland tower as their home, to ensure that the enemy stay as far away from the 8th face as possible at this terrain. Their efforts, therefore, centre around keeping the elves as far away from the tower as possible while reducing the number of missile units.

The Eldarim use their Dragonkin Handlers ability to recruit another Fire Dragonscout at the home terrain.

The Empyrea, instead of trying to manoeuvre, cast magic at the frontier.

They produce 10 results with which they cast a Summon Dragon and another Ash Storm on the enemy home territory.

A Fire and Death (Red and Black) Wyrm is the chosen beast in this instance as the treasure, if it is rolled, will be useless to the Selumari at this point, as they only have a single 1 health unit in the DUA.

The home army attempt to manoeuvre, despite having to compensate for a Wind Walk in favour of the Selumari cavalry.

As expected, this proves futile as they lose by a massive 5 results to 21, including 6 from the Wind Walk. The terrain stays at its 2nd face.

They home army try their luck at missile firing at the sparsely populated Selumari campaign army.

Despite being unable to use the Dragonkin in the attempt, they still manage a respectable 7 missile results.

The Selumari army, despite being small, still manage to generate 6 out of the 7 save results that they require.

They do, however, have to lose an Evoker to the DUA.

Although the Coral Elves would be able to use their Defensive Volley ability here, it is highly unlikely that it would be effective as all 3 units are magicians, with no missile capability and the opponent’s army has units capable of producing Cantrips, which they could instantly use to cast more magic back at them.

The two Eldarim in the reserves are called up to support the campaign army as shield bearers.

All other Empyrean units remain where they are.