This article is part 2 of an Intermediate level Dragon Dice battle for new players. It is recommended that, if you have not already done so, you read part 1 first.

Part 1 can be found here:-

Firewalkers v Frostwings Part 1

Round 2

At the start of the round, the Palsy and Soiled Ground spells expire. A bridge on a patch of deadland is introduced into the plans of the Frostwing campaign army. This will count as a unit in their DUA for the purpose of their Magic Negation.

This time they produce only 6 magic results.

According to their battle plan, they fire a Lightning Strike at the Firewalker magicians, killing an Ashbringer.

The home army march forward, an the terrain moves to its 6th face.

The lone Cryohydra pulls back to reserves.

In need of a bit of a lift, The firewalker home battalion look for assistance in a small wood, which is a good place to concentrate on a bit of magic.

A good result of 10 means that they can go back to their own plans. Time to play…..

They summon a fire and death drake and send it down on the frontier terrain, where the opposing army largely consists of magicians, with little melee or missile capability.

An Ash Storm might also cause a bit of confusion.

With play time over, it is time for them to go home from the frontier.

The firewalkers consolidate to keep a bit of safety in numbers while they are able.