This is the second part of this battle. If you have not already done so, it is recommended that you read part 1 first. This can be found by clicking on this link:-

Coral Elves v Frostwings – Part 1

Round 3

The Elf Magicians produce 7 magic results from reserves.

They use Resurrect Dead twice to bring back the other Courier.

The Coral Home army set about a missile attack at the Frostwing Campaign army, generating just 3 hits.

The Frostwings manage just 2 saves and therefore take 1 damage.

Leaving one more dead attacker.

The recently resurrected courier joins the elves’ home army.

The Frostwing Campaign army gain some magic support as the terrain moves up to face 6.

Unfortunately, they are unable to take advantage of the ground and produce no magic results.

As they try to move at their home terrain, the deadland levels out and manoeuvres become easier as ID rolls for these results are doubled.

The advantage immediately becomes apparent as their 4 ID generated results count double to overpower the elves by 8 to 4.

Needing to use its missile superiority it withdraws and moves the terrain back down to face 5 taking them away from melee range at last.

In their attack, they produce a respectable 8 missile results.

But, thanks again to the Elves’ Coastal Dodge ability, their manoeuvres all go to saves, producing the 8 that keeps them unharmed.

Since publishing this article, I have been informed that the above photo is not actually correct, as the Rend SAI does not work as manoeuvres during a save roll and should, in fact, not work as part of Coastal Dodge.

As they were in coastland when attacked, the Elves use their Defensive volley racial skill to return fire at the Frostwings, producing 10 counters from missile attack.

The surprised Frostwings still manage to parry the missile shower with 11 saves. All remain unharmed and hold their ground.

After 3 rounds the battlefield is a little busier than before.

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