Round 8

The city is captured and the knoll is of no more use to the elves.

They have to take out the threat from the frontier. Taking out their bows……

The sharpshooter takes the lead by aiming his fire at the two headed monster.

Which fails to save and is eliminated.

The re-roll is also productive.

With IDs counting double from the 8th face, they amass a total of 14 missile results.

The two saves from the Fly result are not effective and the army is wiped out.

The reserves are still trying out their magic.

And assist the home army, if they really need help, by casting a Wind Walk.

They move off to claim the castle on their next turn.

With the Wind Walk and the Rend adding 8 manoeuvres to the elves’ 4 normal results, the Frostwings run out of options.

They are only left the possibility of melee against the elf home army and, in the unlikely event that the wipe out the whole army, the elven mages will march into the castle and claim the battle.

The Frostwings fly off to the hills.


This is the first time that I have tried to work to a battle plan and it seemed to work quite successfully. It certainly allowed me to concentrate on what to do with the new Frostwings without having to do much thinking about the elves. It was a bit unfortunate that all the terrains were coastland and hence, more favourable to the elves than they were to the Frostwings.

I now need to work on another ‘Test army’ of a different flavour.