This is the third part of a Dragon Dice tutorial battle. It is recommended that parts 1 and 2 are read first. Part 1 can be found here:- Dwarves v Coral Elves – Part 1

Round 2

At the start of the round, the Transmute Rock to Mud spell on the Coral Elf home army expires, meaning that the capture of the Coastland terrain becomes within touching distance for both armies.


The Vagha horde took quite a hit in the first round, as the Selumari home army used their missiles to devastating effect, and only 10 health of their units remain. If they are to take the 8th face at the coastland, they will need either luck or magical assistance. Unfortunately, their source of magical assistance is at their home terrain, which is showing missile action distance.

Dwarves 1st March

The Dwarf horde army attempt to manoeuvre, unaided by magic. The Elves try to counter.

A Gryphon impedes their progress, and they lose by 3 results to 4. This only leaves one option – engage in melee. The Vagha attack.

Another bad result means that the Elves do not need to save. They do, however, have a chance to counter attack but, given the Skirmisher counter ability, this is not a wise idea, especially as they are in a good position to claim the terrain. The Selumari do not counter attack this time.

Dwarves 2nd March

The home army need to be able to use their magic but, facing a very mobile opponent, they must either try their luck at manoeuvring this time, or introduce a minor terrain, hoping for manoeuvre assistance or, better still, magic action. They introduce a feyland bridge.

They do not get a magic action, but they manage to get manoeuvre assistance to help stop the Elves from taking the terrain up to its next face.

They attempt to fire missiles at the Selumari Guard at the frontier.

Their 4 missile hits give them the consolation prize of evacuating the Frontier, as the Guard perishes.

Although it will mean giving the Elves control of their own home terrain, the Dwarf horde will be wiped out if they remain to fight. They pull back to reserves ……

Along with the Mages.

Coral Elves

The Selumari hold the upper hand and need to concentrate on control of the terrains, rather than attacking enemy units.

Coral Elves 1st March

The unopposed home army take control of the 8th face and use the tower to attack the Vagha reserves with missile fire.

The Trebuchet produces another Crush result, but the Sharpshooter this time has no effect as the army is attacking the reserves, so ID results are not counted.

One Thaumaturgist evades the boulder and is safe. The other needs to save or be buried.

The save means that he is dead, but not buried and can therefore return through resurrection. The Vagha reserve army must now save themselves from the 3 missile hits generated by the Heartseeker.

They are safe, having produced 4 save results.

Coral Elves 2nd March

The Selumari have to choose between attacking a Skirmisher with a very weak missile attack, or taking the Vagha home terrain down to its 3rd face before the race starts for the second terrain.

The horde try for manoeuvres, contested by the Dwarf and Dragonkin side kick.

They win by 8 results to 1, and the terrain moves back, allowing magic to be cast.

It was a good idea, but badly executed. 1 magic result is not enough to be of any use.

The horde pull back to reserves, leaving a solitary Eagle Knight to hold back the Vagha Skirmisher.

At the end of the round, the battlefield looks like this:

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