The Chroniclers’ Dragon Dice League A began in explosive fashion this week, as the Frantic Felines staged a late comeback from a very impressive Dancing Lights Orchestration.

Having decimated the Felines’ Home army right in the first round, and with the smell of victory in their nostrils, the Dancing Lights Orchestra converted themselves from potential vanquisher to almost certainly vanquished in the space of 5 very strange dice rolls at the start of the third round.

The Firewalker troops started round 3 well enough by marching into the Felines’ Home City unopposed as a consequence of the earlier systematic slaughter of most of the Feral troops in a horrendous melee battle.

Their second march started well enough, with a manoeuvre roll that forced the Felines’ Horde army out of the Dancing Lights’ Home Terrain, having just captured it in the previous round.

Feral 8 manoeuvres – Firewalkers 12 manoeuvres.

This resulted in the terrain moving to 7th face and the Feral losing the 8th face advantage. This was the Zenith of the Firewalkers’ battle at this point, having unopposed control of one city and the rest of their troops potentially at a favourably coloured home terrain on 7th face.

What could go wrong? Read on….

Feeling on a bit of a high, and with the adrenalin pumping through their veins, the Dancing Lights attacked the large Feral Horde army and did exceptionally well.

Dancing Lights attack roll on Frantic Felines.

With Flaming shield adding 1 and the Ash Storm subtracting 1 result, this was a quite respectable hit of 11 melee. What happened next is where the tide turned.

Thanks to the encouraging Trumpeting from the Elephant-folk, doubling the save results, the Felines managed a reply of 18 saves, and immediately countered with an equally impressive attack of their own.

Owl-folk Screech

The resulting roll, after all modifiers, was 14 melee and a Screech from the Owl-folk, effectively removing 4 saves from the Firewalker reply.

Dancing Lights’ save roll

The 6 save results generated are diminished to a single save thanks to the Ash Storm and the Owl-Folk’s Screech. The army must take 13 damage and they are wiped out.

After this, and with a lot of important units out of the way in the DUA, the Firewalkers had their Ashbringers picked off with Lightening Strikes from the vast amounts of magic that the Felines were able to generate. When they did manage to generate a good amount of magic, the Dragon that the Dancing Lights summoned failed them abysmally by showing off its belly to the feral army.

At the end of the fifth round, the Frantics killed off the last of the Firewalker resistance and the battle was won.

This battle was the first in our Chroniclers’ League A, which has 6 squads (see below), competing for the title.

There is also a Chroniclers’ League B, which is about to start very soon, and incorporates the 6 remaining Esfah races.

If you are interested in taking up management of one of the squads, please let us know and we will try to fit new players in, possibly next season.

Spring 2020 Fixture List for League A