Round 3


The Vagha need to concentrate on resurrection of troops and using their magic. Once they have sufficient magic capability, they must start to concentrate on introducing dragons to fight their battles for them.

Dwarves 1st March

The reserve army try to generate magic.

A massive total of 17 results will help reinforce their army.

The left-overs are used to defend their home.

Dwarves 2nd March

The dwarf army needs to take this opportunity of keeping their home terrain on a magic action face for as long as possible, to allow them to fight with magic. They try to manoeuvre.

The minor terrain now shows melee action is possible.

Three manoeuvre results each means that the dwarves can fall back and the terrain die goes to face 2, ensuring magic action for 2 rounds.

They try a small melee attack.

They fail to generate any results, so the Selumari have no counter attack opportunity.

Magic units are redeployed to the home terrain, and the cavalry go to the frontier to head off the Selumari cavalry.