Please bear with me guys. There are lots of dice here that I have not used before or have only used once. I will be reading the rules a lot!

Esfits: No worries, I’m excited to try this.

This will be worth saving.

Esfits: This is my spell list :wink:

1st March then Esfits.

Esfits: First March will be maneuver the frontier up please.

Monsters: I’ll allow it.

Ok Esfits, up to 6 melee or down to 4 melee?

 Esfits: I will move the terrain up to 6 melee and put the lone Firewalker in a pain amplifier.

Up to 6. Rolling for melee.

5 melee.

Monsters: Nooo!

Adiós amigo.

2nd March Esfits?

Esfits: Magic at the Monster Home please.

Rolling for magic.

Esfits: Reserves, pull back from both home terrains.

Monster Bash

Monsters: Let’s bring in a red dragonkin for Eldarim ability. Then magic at my home.

Rolling home army for magic.

Monsters: Lightning strike the strangle Vine.

Rolling for saves.

Monsters: 2nd March horde manoeuvre down then magic.

Down to 1 magic. Rolling for magic.

Monsters: Let’s lightning strike the Stranglevine again!

Rolling for saves.

Monsters: Retreat everything except the Phoenix, Dragonstaff, and Sight Stone.

You mean the magi’s crown I hope?

Monsters: Sure. Whatever the two magic items are :p