Round 4

I really must buy more dragons on eBay! This one is really vicious. Both Black and Red dragon breath hits the Frostwing home army.

This means that 5 health of units are instantly frazzled and, thanks to the Dragon Fire of the red breath, the units are buried unless they can save themselves.

No saves, so two units are buried.

There is good news for the Frostwings, albeit small, in that their Winter’s Fortitude ability means that, provided they have units a terrains containing the air element (blue), they can recover buried units at the start of their next turn.

The Dragon Plague effect of the death breath (Black), has no effect, as no ID results are produced during their attack on the dragon.

Sadly, there are not many results of any offensive kind, and the drake takes no damage.

A badly depleted Frostwing army finally reach the tower, as the terrain moves to its 8th face.

The missile army can now, thanks to the tower, reach the firewalker home army and, more importantly, their reserves.

Lady luck really has it in for Frostwings today as they only manage to produce 2 missile results.

The firewalkers save easily, producing the required results and a couple more.

The reserve army attempt to produce a little bit of magic.

The 4 that they produce is enough to resurrect another Apprentice.

The choice now is between reinforcement at the home terrain or trying their luck at the frontier.

They risk the wrath of the dragon.

The firewalkers fumble badly and produce a pitiful 2 magic results.

Enough for another Ash Storm to strike the Frostwings’ tower.

The Firewalker Infantry make their way to the frontier.

They are immediately joined by a large reinforcement from home.

Leaving an explorer to keep the animals fed and watered.

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