The reprint Swamp Stalkers Kick-starter campaign was extremely successful. So Much so that they were able to secure the resources for yet another racial reprint. That is the object of this guide. The Feral, or Ghwereste, boast hard hitting melee attacks, reliable, shielding units, and due to being Air (Blue) and Earth (Yellow), a great spell list for army support and control. Let us look at their racial abilities,

Stampede: While on a terrain with both Air (Blue) and Earth (Yellow), Feral units may count Maneuver results as Melee results as part of a Counter-Attack Action.

There is only one terrain that does not contain Air (Blue) or earth (Yellow). That is Faeland, Water (Green) and Fire (Red) so with the forfeit of a Maneuver action you should be able to gain access to this racial most of the time. Combined with the Racial spell Berserker Rage, this gives certain armies a 100% contribution rat to the counter-attack Melee roll!

Feralization: After dragon attacks, before your first march, you may recruit or promote 1 health-worth of units in Any terrain containing Air (Blue) OR Earth (Yellow) and a Feral unit. This special is like a City face for any army containing Feral units on either Feral colors.

Racial Trick: Feral City: This is more of a rules manipulation rather than a trick. You use the City to recruit or promote a unit, then promote them again with Feralization. You can literally step a unit up so long as you have the steps in your DUA.

Wilding: Blue: Feral: 3 Magic: Reserves
Target any army. That Army may double Melee results and save results of ONE (stacking) unit from the army. Choose which unit to double after the army makes each roll.

WOW! Wilding stacked 3 times can kill an army. With the amount of Double Strike in the army this can go extremely far. This spell will see play nearly every game for both its defensive and offensive capabilities.

Berserker Rage: Yellow: Feral: 5: Reserves
Target an army containing Feral units. Until the beginning of the next turn that army may count Save results as Melee results.

This is an amazing Spell that makes a fast and furious Feral foray a deadly and devastating dance of death and destruction. With this spell and Wilding in play there will not be that many armies that can handle the might of a Feral counter-offensive Strategy.

Heavy Melee

Tiger-Folk: (Rare: 4 double strike, 4 Melee, 2 Melee, 2 Save, 2 Save)

Leopard-Folk: (Uncommon: 2 Maneuver, 3 Melee, 3 Melee, 2 Save, 2 Save)

Lynx-Folk: (Common: 1 Save, 2 Melee, 1 Melee, 1 Maneuver, 1 Maneuver)

The Feral Heavy Melee are going to be the consistency in an army what wants to run parts. These guys will be your main rank and file for when you close on an Eighth face and are getting hungry for the thrill of the hunt.

Light Melee

Wolf-Folk: (Rare: 3 rend, 2 Melee, 2 Save, 4 Maneuver)

Fox-Folk (Uncommon: 3 Maneuver, 3 Melee, 2 Melee, 2 Maneuver, 2 Save)

Hound-Folk (Common: 1 Save, 2 Melee, 1 Melee, 1 Maneuver, 1 Maneuver)

Melee focused and fast, the Light Melee will sacrifice armor and toughness for speed. Use these guys to supplement your Heavy Melee with the speed they need to take faces past missile range and into the bloody roar of claw and fang against shield.


Vulture-Folk: (Rare: 4 Bullseye, 4 Missile, 2 Missile, 3 Melee, 3 Maneuver)

Hawk-Folk: (Uncommon: 2 Melee, 3 Missile, 2 Missile, 2 Maneuver, 3 Maneuver)

Falcon-Folk: (Common: 1 Missile, 2 Missile, 1 Melee, 1 Maneuver, 1 Maneuver)

For a more detached approach the Bird-Folk can make the sky rain javelins from afar. Best a supplement again to Heavy Melee the Bird-Folk make the game a battle of attrition sooner than later and even only a few of these missile monsters can make a massive impact.


Buffalo-Folk: (Rare: 4 Counter, 3 Maneuver, 4 Maneuver, 2 Save, 3 Melee)

Horse-Folk: (Uncommon: 3 Melee, 2 Maneuver, 2 Maneuver, 2 Maneuver, 3 Maneuver)

Antelope-Folk: (Common: 1 Maneuver, 2 Maneuver, 1 Melee, 1 Save, 2 Save)

The Steer folk are the driving force on the Flatlands of Esfah. They are Maneuver specialists and tough as nails. They make a great addition to a mage contingent.


Wolverine-Folk: (Rare: 4 Cantrip, 3 Magic, 4 Magic, 2 Save, 3 Melee)

Badger-Folk: (Uncommon: 3 Melee, 3 Magic, 3 Magic, 2 Save, 2 Save)

Weasel-Folk: (Common: 2 Magic, 1 Magic, 1 Melee, 1 Save, 1 Save)

Power and durability are the strengths of the Feral mages. Ten health-worth of these unit should skyrocket your ability to overrun whatever opposition. Not to mention that the Weasel-Folk and Badger-Folk are also save heavy and will save your badger folk on more than one occasion. They will not go ans secure any type of terrain though unless assisted by the Wind Walk spell, so make sure you supplement them with either Ranged or Cavalry units to keep them moving to an Eighth face.


Bear-Folk: (Maneuver, Hug, Missile, Double Strike, Double Strike, Save, Maneuver, Save, Magic)

Hug is a double-edged sword. It’s targeted damage with no save possible with the targeted unit able to do melee damage against the Bear-Folk with no save possible. The key to remember is to choose your target wisely when hug happens and it will serve you well.

Elephant-Folk: (Save, Trample, Trample, Melee, Trumpet, Melee, Trumpet, Save)

The Elephant-Folk, aka “Stampy,” is a creature of both melee prowess, army buffing, and speed. Trample can be deadly with Stampede (Each having both 4 Melee and 4 Maneuver results). Trumpet will double the non-Converted melee results of feral units of the army containing it. If you have two, run two.

Lion-Folk: (Roar, Save, Double Strike, Maneuver, Double Strike, Roar, Maneuver, Save, Melee)

Power and control are the aspect of the king, and rightly so. The Lion-Folk can send up to 4 Health-worth running right back to a reserve army or launch a flurry of Double Strike rerolls into waiting targets. It will work well with a tower strategy where the Bird-Folk would patient wait for the chance to strike at a reserve army.

Owl-Folk: (Fly, Dispel Magic, Magic, Screech, Seize, Magic, Fly, Dispel Magic, Magic)

The owl-Folk gets a lot of hype from the box art by looking majestic as it channels lightning through its wings. To be honest it really is not that great. It does magic with a 50% chance. It may may able to combat a big spell with Dispel Magic. Screech will work in melee, as will Seize. The wise old Owl-Folk seems to be suffering from the “Jack of All Trades” syndrome wanting to be a magic unit that can also produce in melee and ranged. Run one if you so desire,but there are better monsters for the health.

Rhino-Folk: (Maneuver, Save, Melee, Gore, Gore, Melee, Trample, Save, Maneuver)

The Rhino-Folk is a Monster in all sense of the word, when stampeding and under Berserker Rage he will have a 100% contribution rate and in some instances near double effectiveness. Gore is one of the few SAIs that kills and buries 2 health-worth and lower. A really good monster for his consistency.


Terrain choice is extremely important to your force design in Dragon Dice. You need to be able to activate your Racial Abilities as soon as possible to maximize your force’s potential. To that end with the Feral I recommend using Flatlands terrain. For a Home terrain I suggest a City. For Frontier I suggest a Castle. The reason for this is that it makes your opponent think twice about taking the first turn and giving your easy access to both Feralization and Stampede. Remember that the Feral have units that work well at all three ranges, so choose a terrain that matches your play style.

Minor Terrains

Just as, if not more, important than your Major Terrain selection is your Minor Terrain selection. The minors I suggest for Feral armies are 1 Flatland, 1 Coastland, 1 Highland, and 1 Wasteland. Due to the nature of the way doubling faces work there is no real need to to look for those, just look for something that works with your army composition. It’s the colors that matter here, getting your counter-attack effectiveness and your resiliency up.


Feral are all about mixing units to make an amazing army that has just the right amount of movement to counter and opponent’s momentum, take a hit, then counter with the force of a tornado. I suggest a three pronged attack with the Feral. The first is melee focused with nine to twelve health-worth of Heavy melee, with six to twelve points of Light Melee to supply Maneuvers for the army. The second army would consist of ten health-worth of Mages with six health-worth of cavalry to assist with both saves and maneuvers. Finally a third army would have six health-worth of Missile who can maneuver and reposition to assist with ranged support or maneuvers (and melee when on the Stampede).

As far as strategy is concerned, always be on the attack with your main force. if you sit back and let your opponent wonder if you will attack then you will loose more than you can Feralize. If you have access to Stampede Keep on the attack and don’t let up. if your opponent makes the mistake of attacking, then you have on most of your units a good chance for a attack result. Your first march should be with your mage army. If they can cast magic casting Breserker Rage or a few wildings (remember you can choose which unit to use the spells on after the affected rolls) on your melee army while also giving the mage army either Wind Walk or Stone Skins based on the remaining magic results. Don’t forget about Path to reinforce your main armies. Use your missile units wisely. Their maneuvers can do double duty with Stampede in effect and can help speed you along to an Eighth face.