Round 4


Undead 1st March

The Undead horde at the Scalders home terrain try to manoeuvre. The Scalders offer no resistance.

The feyland moves to its 5th face and hand to hand fighting beckons.

The Undead attack.

Only 2 melee results.

The Scalders make the right amount of saves but, owing to their Scorching Touch, they do 2 damage against the Undead, who do not have any opportunity to save.

As there are no spells in force, the undead take the full two points of damage.

A double apparition appears in the undead DUA.

Undead 2nd March

The Undead campaign army try to manoeuvre. First the minor terrain (deadland).

The ID (bridge) is rolled. They chose the magic action face.

The Swamp Stalkers try to resist.

A packed crowd at the stadium are treated to a 1 – 1 bore draw!!!

As the undead are marching, they win the contest.

7th face and the undead march forward.

They attack with melee force.

10 melee results are generated, and the Swamp Stalkers have a lot of saves to find, even using ‘Born of the Swamp‘.

The 3 saves that they muster means that they take 7 damage!

Things are not looking good for the boys from the Swamp.


Scalders 1st March

Still unopposed, the Scalder horde march on up the the 6th face of the highland terrain vacated by the undead.

Scalders 2nd March

The remaining Scalder magic units in reserves pull out all stops and generate 6 magic results.

A Smoulderer returns.

Not wanting to reenact the Mutation process, he and his rescuers move out of the reserve as quickly as possible.

The highlands are pretty at this time of the year.

Swamp Stalkers

With nothing in any reserve army, the Swamp Stalkers must leave their mutation party trick for another time.

Swamp Stalkers 1st March

They have only a single option – march forward!

If you are going to be the victim of a landslide, then now is the best time to be one, when it makes no difference.

With nobody to engage in melee, no action can be taken.

Swamp Stalkers 2nd March

A rather hopeful Warmonger tries to manoeuvre to the 8th face.

Now, this is interesting!

The terrain is won by the single swamp Stalker unit and is declared to be a tower.

The missile units are called back to reserves.

With a group of guards not far from home.

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