At the opening of Round 11, both sides are depleted, with the Empyrean force split.

The Eldarim Dragon Handlers ability recruits a Dragonscout.

They attempt to generate magic.

They produce 8 firewalker results plus another 4 fire magic.

This casts 2 Wind Walks on the horde,

and a resurrection on a shield bearer.

Now for the push to take the tower.

The Empyrea try to manoeuvre.

There is a great deal of overkill, as they produce 21 results against the Selumari 8.

The coastland tower, and the Selumari home terrain falls into the control of the Empyrea.

From the tower they cast magic.

They generate 12 results and a further 4 fire magic results from the Eldarim.

An Ash Storm is cast on the frontier, as the death and fire dragons are summoned.

The Empyrean horde climb the tower to see the action unfold.