Undead 1st March

In desperate need of getting troops back into action, the reserve army try to generate magic.

They produce 3 results but, with their Bone Magic racial ability, this is augmented by one for each unit producing non-ID magic – two of them in this instance. The total is therefore now 5 results.

They cast Exhume on the Sharpshooter in the Selumari DUA, who fails to make a save and is buried.

The Ghost returns to the battle for the third time.

Undead 2nd March

What remains of the horde army try to manoeuvre, contested by the Selumari.

Both armies produce a surprising 10 results but, the marching army wins draws, so the Undead capture the 8th face and the Coastland terrain. They attempt to generate magic.

The ID of 2 with an 8th face bonus takes them to 4 results, with 3 ‘regular’ results and 1 for Bone Magic, the total is a remarkable 8.

Having gained control, they do not want to try to stay as long as possible, but using and Open Grave as insurance against the Selumari Trebuchet.

The reserves come in to help take on the Dragons next time.


The two dragons take on the Elves this time.

They only manage 6 damage, and the Fire / Ivory shows his belly. This is a chance to get rid of both of them.

Although they only manage 3 saves, one of those thanks to their Coastal Dodge ability, the get an enormous 15 melee results (on its own enough to kill both dragons) and another 5 missile results (enough to kill the Red / Ivory with its Belly roll). the army takes 3 damage and both dragons are dispatched back to summoning pools.

The 3 health Eagle Knight is the casualty in this instance. As both dragons were killed, all the units in the remaining army may promote, if they are able.

The two Knights are promoted to Eagle Knights.

It is now time for the Selumari to decide whether to take on the Undead, or to move to the Frontier. Click here.