It feels like an age since I put together my last tutorial battle and figured that it would be right to start a new one, this time using my newly-acquired Treefolk against my old favourites, the Frostwings.

Having bought a few Treefolk kickers recently, and having also added to my Frostwing collection, I thought that I would take the opportunity to try them out in an in-depth advanced tutorial battle.

Owing to the fragile nature of the Frostwings, I have decided to bring in the use of Dragonkin, once again, in the hope of battle longevity, so that a good testing out of both sides can take place.

Having just finished a battle against Nathan Miller, which I intend to post once the photos have been sorted out, I am now a bit more savvy as to how to use the Treefolk with their complete lack of offensive magic and their abundance of ability to manoeuvre and resist manoeuvres.

My home Treefolk army and Frostwing horde, as shown above, have the following statistics:-

Treefolk Home
Frostwing Horde

The high Melee expectation of the Frostwings is inflated by the Wolf Packs’ Howl SAIs, which are in fact, not melee hits, but negative saves for the enemy.

The Home Frostwing army and Treefolk horde, as seen above, have these statistics:-

Frostwing Home
Treefolk Horde

At the Frontier, we have one unit on each side.

The summoning Pools look like this:


The Set-up

The two horde armies are rolled to determine the start player. (Expected result 10-8 to the Frostwings).

The Frostwings win by 13 to 8. Frostwings to go first, the Frontier terrain is the Swampland Grove.

Terrains are rolled and the Frostwing Home is a Coastland Tower on face 3 (missile), the Treefolk Home is a Flatland Standing Stones on face 4 (also missile) and the Frontier is a Swampland Grove starting on face 4 (magic).

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