Round 1


The Frostwings are well known for being brittle and, despite having considerable fire power at home from the missile army, the treefolk horde have plenty of saves and the racial ability of Rapid Growth, which they can easily invoke using a swampland minor terrain, and run the terrain up or down to a more favourable face. The introduction of a deadland at the home terrain would also allow the Frostwings to start using their Magic Negation ability. The ideal situation would be for them to get an early reinforcement from Dragonkin to pump up their saves.

At the Treefolk’s home terrain, the battle for manoeuvres will be very closely contested with the Frostwings trying to take the terrain to melee action, and the Treefolk wanting magic or missile action.

Frostwings 1st March

The Areosa (Frostwing) horde introduce a Deadland Woods.

They are not off to a very good start, as the are Flanked. This means that any saves from this army are halved until the next time the march.

They have nothing to lose, however, from attacking with missile fire.

They produce no missile results at all.

No save roll is therefore required from the Treefolk Home army.

Frostwings 2nd March

The Frostwing Home army introduce another deadland minor terrain. This time a knoll.

This time they are more successful and get the ability to use a magic action. They try to generate magic results.

They do better than the expected 5 results.

Getting an immense 11 results.

A Summon Dragonkin brings in a Dragonspy to help with saves.

Whilst a Hailstorm will get rid of the Willowling at the Frontier.

The Frostwing Horde, Campaign army and the Magus from the Home army move to reserves, as the deadland is buried.

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