Blues 2nd March

This is part 2 of a battle. It is recommended that Part 1 is read before continuing, if you have not already done so.

The intention here is to move the home terrain forward to its 5th face and then missile the Aleosa campaign army, trying to take out as many magic units as possible to limit Magic Negation.

The Blues roll for manoeuvres and win by 3 results to 1.

The terrain is moved up to its 5th face.

Blues roll for missile hits on the Areosa campaign army, expecting a result between 8 and 15.

The trebuchet gives them a very useful Crush result.

Two Magus are targets as the 4 health worth of units to try to manoeuvre.

They both fail their manoeuvre rolls and are killed. The roll again to avoid burial.

One saves, but one is buried.

One is added to the DUA, meaning that magic Negation can start to happen. The other temporarily goes to the BUA, soon to escape thanks to their Winter’s Fortitude ability.

The Areosa make their save roll.

The Frostwings produces 7 save results against the 8 missile results, taking a single hit of damage.

The DUA now has 2 units, meaning two points of magic negation are available to the remaining magic units.

This is now the state of the Areosa campaign army. Considering that a Wind Walk only needs 4 points of air magic, they appear to be in a health position to assist the home army.

Having no use of his presence at the Frontier, the Bowman is pulled back into reserves.


Thanks to the winter’s Fortitude ability of the Areosa, the Magus leaves the BUA for the DUA.

Having failed to make a big impression on the Areosa campaign army, the Blues have left themselves in a very precarious position.

The Areosa home army is particularly destructive with their missiles, expected to generate between 10 and 18 results each time.

The Blues nearly have the saves to cover normal missile results but, there is a 42% chance of at least 1 bullseye from the Devastators. In order to do missile attack, however, the home terrain must be manoeuvred down to face 5, or one of the knoll minor terrains must be used.

Areosa 1st March

The campaign army manoeuvre the highland down to its 3rd face and roll for magic results.

They produce a totally unremarkable, though totally expected, 5 magic results.

A Wind Walk is cast on the home army.

That additional 4 manoeuvres evens up the battle to take the terrain to face 5.

Areosa 2nd March

The home army tries to manoeuvre.

Areosa 11 manoeuvres – Blues 12 manoeuvres. The terrain remains on its 6th face.

The home army melee is nowhere near good enough to take on the might of the Blues saves and, if they were foolhardy enough to try it, they would possibly perish in the counter melee. The choice is to stay or to move to reserves. As the army is likely to get severely damaged by a melee attack, the best course of action is to go to reserves and regroup at the frontier.

The home and campaign armies both withdraw to reserves to regroup.

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