The dragons attack the Selumari support army at the frontier.

A double breath attack and a claw.

As there are two 3-health units and a single 4-health, the 5 points of breath damage takes out the maximum possible health. In this case the Dragonlord has to go.

The DUA is getting filled up very quickly now.

The Dragon Fire from the red breath means that the Dragonlord has to save against being buried.

He produces a Smite result, which does not save him. The Dragonlord is buried!!!

The Eldarim produce 3 save results, as the ID is ignored due to the Dragon Plague of the Drake (Black breath effect), this is further reduced to 2 because of the Ash Storm.

The bodyguard is killed, but not buried this time.

The Eldarim bodyguard is left on his own guarding the pair of dragons.

Using his Dragon Handlers ability, the solitary figure recruits a dragonkin to help against the dragons.

The reserve army realise the gravity of the army’s current situation and produce a massive (for 3 units) total of 8 magic results.

As spells expire before the next dragon attack, the use of Watery Double will be of no use on the campaign army. They have a choice of resurrection of 2 health or using 2 Wind Walks to try to outmanoeuvre the Empyrea that have invaded their home.

The double use of Wind Walk at least levels the playing field.

The home army try a manoeuvre.

The knoll will allow them to use missile weapons if the manoeuvre fails.

Again, the Gryphon gives a ray of hope where all seemed lost.

A team of dragon killers is quickly pulled together and dispatched to the frontier courtesy of the Ferry.

The remaining units lose the manoeuvre battle by 11 results to 19, as reasonably expected.

They are not disheartened, however, and take aim at the occupying army with their missiles.

Nine missiles are better than none.

The Empyrea try to save.

A Cantrip of 4 points.

The two Hailstorms are saved by 1 autosave from the dragonkin and the Coastal Dodge of the Coral Elf, to a total of 4 points.

The missile storm, however is a different matter. The 9 missiles from the Selumari are parried by a mere 5 saves from the Empyrea. They must take 4 damage.

The dragonkin and 3 shadowchasers are out of the battle for now.

The magic units are called up to help fight the dragons. Times are difficult!!!

Part 12 to follow soon.