This game was unplanned on my part, as I intended to go through all the ‘Nature’ races before moving on to the ‘Death’ races because of the difference in the racial ability game mechanics. The former tying in to the terrains, and the latter tying in with terrains and the dead unit area.

The reason why I have played out this game, therefore, was not brought about my desire to teach anything, although there is plenty here that does just that, but to find out why friend’s inaugural game against his wife was a bit of a disaster, with everything ending after only 3 rounds. This battle is my version of the same game using the same armies at the same start terrains, to find out if it could have gone differently.

Special Action Icons (SAIs)

This game introduces a new SAI from the previous games. The SAI Rend takes the place of the Trample icon possessed by the Dwarf’s Mammoth Rider and the Coral Elves’ Eagle Night’s Fly.

Spells Available

Racial Abilities

I have already covered the Racial Abilities of the Coral Elves in the previous posts, and these can be found by referring back to these here.

The Goblins, as all races in the game, have their own unique abilities. One comes from the earth element (yellow) taken from the terrain, as for the ‘Nature’ races, and the other from the death element (black) which comes from the units in the army’s Dead Unit Area (DUA) and from the deadland minor terrains, which I will cover in a later post on this blog.

Swamp Mastery – This ability comes from the Goblins’ earth colour (yellow) and allows them to count their melee results as manoeuvres when in a terrain containing the colour yellow.

Foul Stench – This ability comes from the death element and is tied into the number of units in the army’s DUA, up to a maximum of 3 per 24 health in the initial army set up of the battle being played.

When in melee battle, after the opponent has rolled for saves, they must select units in their army, up to the number in the goblins’ DUA (according to the maximum rule above) that cannot take part in any counter attack. This ability does not depend on terrains or minor terrains, but is limited only to melee attack.