Coral Elves

The longer that this battle lasts, the worse it will become for the Selumari, who have no real way of resurrecting downed units, having no specifically magic units. The dragons will be making an appearance shortly, and they must therefore try to capture the frontier before they run out of units.

Coral Elves 1st March

The reserve army try to resurrect as many missile units as possible with their limited resources.

Well, that went better than they expected. A massive 8 results from the Cavalry and Light Infantry units.

Enough power to bring back a pair of very useful Bowmen.

Also, a small helping hand for the home missile contingent.

Coral Elves 2nd March

The Selumari missile army have a difficult choice to make between attacking the Campaign army, hoping that they can prune down the resistance to their attempt to move the frontier to its 8th face before the dragons arrive, or to attack the mages in the home army in order to reduce the amount of magic that they are able to generate. Both terrains have the Earth element, so that their Mountain Mastery ability will apply, meaning that melee results count as manoeuvres. This renders the Trebuchet largely ineffective on the Campaign army, so they will have to hope for regular missile results or an impale from the Heartseeker.

Given that the Frontier is a Swampland, giving the Elves their Coastal Dodge ability to convert manoeuvres to saves, their cavalry army should be able to look after themselves against melee from the Dwarf Campaign army. The missiles therefore are aimed at the Dwarf home terrain and, more importantly, the mages.

First of all, the Sharpshooter gets a Bullseye, as usual! Two Thaumaturgists are targeted.

One saves, the other is killed. The Sharpshooter fires again.

This time his aim is not as good, and does nothing to add to the missile score of the army, which remains at eighteen, with a contribution of 16 coming from the two IDs of the Gryphons.

The Dwarves try to save.

A disaster!! They make only 4 save results and have to take 14 hits. Exactly the right amount to remove the entire army!

Things are not looking good for the Vagha.

The newly-resurrected bowmen return to the missile army, the cavalry decide to play the long game and, as the home army can reach all terrains and even the reserves, they leave the frontier well alone.