Round 4


The only chance that the Vagha have of getting this back is to try to force the Selumari from their home terrain, using as much magic as they can conjure on their way to doing this. They are also aware of the ferrying ability of the two Gryphons, so they need to make the capture of the Frontier as remote as possible.

Dwarves 1st March

The army have 2 choices namely, bring in a minor terrain with a 25% chance of getting to use magic but leaving the swampland on face 6, open for the Gryphons to populate, or to take the terrain down to its 5th face and retreat to reserves.

They try bringing in a Feyland bridge, their last chance.

It looks like a case of “He who dares, wins”, for the Dwarves. They try to generate magic.

The 4 results that they generate is enough to bring a Footman back to life.

He is left on guard duty at the frontier.

The rest make their move to take on the archers at the Coast.

Coral Elves

The Selumari will have to do something especially stupid if they are to lose this battle. They just need to keep closing in on the Highland and retain their home terrain long enough to capture the Highland.

The Watery Double spell expires.

Coral Elves 1st March

The Selumari horde march forward, up to face 3, cast 3 magic and resurrect their guard.

Coral Elf 2nd March

The home army take aim from the tower and let fly at the Dwarf reserves.

Once again, the Trebuchet makes its presence known. The Roc is targeted and needs to generate a manoeuvre roll.

It fails. It now needs to save against burial.

It fails, and joins the other buried units.

The remaining reserves have to save against 10 missiles.

They generate 8 saves and therefore the Sergeant is dispatched to the DUA. It is a lost cause and the Vagha run off to fight another day.

Victory to the Selumari!!


When I set up this battle, I intended to use it as part of ‘Dragon Season’ to show Ivory and Elemental dragons interacting. Unfortunately, I did not realise the power of the Trebuchet, which is securing itself a place in my army more and more every time that it is brought out.

I will now have to produce another tutorial battle in the near future in the hope that the Dragon Staff, at least, can get used!