Round 4

At the start of the fourth round, the Open Grave, Restless Dead and the Transmute Rock to Mud expire.

Their attempt at magic production at the home front is not quite as successful as before, but the double ID still gives 4 points.

Using their newly found earthy spell book (8th face ability), they rustle up a Path spell and dispatch a mummy to help out at the wasteland on its 7th face.

They attempt to manoeuvre in on the firewalker’s home.

Normality returns as the undead, despite achieving 7 results, are outmanoeuvred by the firewalkers’ total of 12.

Realizing that, without magic support, the firewalkers will easily take the temple in the next turn, they must either fight or withdraw. Staying where they are hoping to outmanoeuvre them next time is not a realistic option.

They fight.

9 melee results and a vanish (wrong time for this), is the best they can manage from here.

9 saves are generated by the firewalkers and they are ready to hit back with a counter attack where, unfortunately, their flaming shields do not work for them.

A smite dispatches the Carrion Crawler to the grave, leaving the 4 remaining undead units to defend against 6 melee results.

A vanish is the only defence put up by the undead, leaving the army to take 3 more damage.

The mummy adds to the ever growing list of corpses, still unable to use stepped damage.

Time for plan ‘B’ to come into effect, as the remaining Undead fall back to reserves.

The firewalkers at last reach their target and occupy the temple from where they are unable to be hit by black magic, and can also force them to bury their dead units.

They try to summon up some magic in celebration.

18 magic results might make a difference.

They cast mirage on the two units at their home terrain, and two lightning strikes at the reserves.

The mirage loses them the Wight.

The last monster bites the dust while the ghost remains.

Thanks to their stepped damage ability, the Mummy comes on as substitute for the Minor Death.

Not all is good for the firewalkers though. The campaign army get lost in the woods, lose equipment and become vulnerable to attack. Save results are halved.

They close in on the grove, moving to the 5th face, take a missile shot at the only remaining unit in the Undead homeland, and badly miss, getting no results.

The mages and the infantry exchange posts using their Air Flight ability.

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