This is part 5 of this tutorial battle report. It is recommended that you read the first four parts before this. If you have not read these, they can be found by clicking these links:-

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Please note that, as always, I have split the battle into pages, with 1 round being shown per page. Please make use of the buttons at the end of each page to navigate to the next page.

This Part covers rounds 10.11.12 and 13 of the battle.

Round 10

The Wind Walk spell that helped the Coral Elves to get home now expires and they are looking low on troops. A lot of resurrection is required before any more aggressive moves can be undertaken.Having control of the terrain and, hence, doubling ID results brings about a good result.

They produce a total of 8 magic result and, more importantly, the Gryphon produces a Ferry.

The gryphon pair fly off to the frontier terrain to try to split the next attack.

The 8 points of magic mean that they can try to close in on the firewalkers’ campaign army and disrupt their magic casting.

The arithmetic becomes interesting as the manoeuvre contest takes place. The elves muster 4 from the Fly, another 4 from the Rend and another 8 from the two Wind Walks. Total 16 manoeuvre results for them. In the Red and Blue corner we have 6 regular results, 4 ID results and a cheeky Fireminion popping up with another 4 points of assistance, totalling 14.

It looks like the Coral Elves have had a lucky break.

The battle now goes to missile range, unless the firewalkers can take control again in their manoeuvres.

To try to ensure that they keep the momentum going, the reserves are called in.

The Dancing Lights expire over at the Tower as the large firewalker army tries to get back control of the frontier.

The firewalkers produce 10 this time but, thanks again to the Wind Walk effect, the Coral Elves hold firm with 16.

As both terrains that they can target contain the air element, this means that the elves will be able to use their defensive volley to fire back at any missile attack.

Owing to the make up of the firewalker army, lacking missile units as they do, the attack on either terrain will be risky.

They choose, however, to take on the Gryphons and friends.

A massive 9 results for missile might cause problems!

The Gryphons do their best, but it is not quite enough to save the entire army.

They lose their Evoker and the elves magic worries escalate.

The explorer that was left at the home terrain discovers a bridge.

“Magic”, he says to himself!

The magicians agree and, with Air Flight assistance, go off to join him.