Round 3

The Undead take control of their home terrain by moving it to its 8th face. The standing stones mean that, as well as casting elemental, black and racial magic, the Undead can also cast earth (yellow) and water (green) magic from here.

They produce a 3 point ID, which is doubled owing to the eighth face special ability. This means that a Transmute Rock to Mud can be used to try to stop the firewalkers from taking their home terrain.

The stun and the vanish generated by the reserve army do nothing to add to the 10 magic results produced. Their Bone Magic ability, however, brings to total to 11 points.

All of which is pretty much useless, as the spells that they are able to cast from reserves is extremely limited when only one army is at a terrain. For now, an Open Grave and two Restless Dead spells on the home army is both belt and braces.

Now it is time for off to sort out the firewalkers trying to get home. The undead have other plans.

At the frontier, the firewalkers have discovered a wood which provides good cover. Instead of moving closer to the grove, they head to this woods instead.

The extra cover it provides means that ID results count double when trying to save. Useful, but not just now, as they attempt to summon magic.

They conjure up 10 magic results.

They try the mirage trick again, this time stacking them against 10 health of units.

But this time, it doesn’t work out as well as planned, and only the vampire is disoriented enough to wander back to reserves.

Due to the Transmute Rock to Mud, the attempt to manoeuvre goes equally badly.

Owing to the streak of bad luck that they are having, the firewalkers decide to wait a little longer before attacking an ugly horde of Undead carrying the plague and having disgusting manners.

Desperate times mean desperate measures and an Adventurer and a Watcher are borrowed from the campaign army using their Air Flight ability once again.